Classic Burgundy
  • Classic Burgundy

    The Swipe works on ALL stringed instruments.

    The Swipe kit is a complete stringed instrument care system. It not only maintains the brilliance of your strings by easily getting to the place where most of the dirt and deposits collect – the underside of the strings – it also provides a hi-tech high quality microfiber polishing cloth to keep your instrument gleaming.

    Each pack contains a microfibre polishing cloth and our brilliant patented Swipe string and fret cleaner, all in a handy resealable foil pouch!




      Save Tone - Removes corrosive, sound deadening sweat & grime

      Chemical & Oil Free - Protect sound and your instrument's lacquer

      Save Money - Makes strings last up to 5 times longer

      Save Effort - Quickly cleans the surface & underneath of strings


      The Swipe...

      • Removes harmful sweat, chemicals and oils in a quick and simple process
      • Gets around the whole string easily
      • Leaves nothing behind except strings sounding like new
      • Can be used on any Stringed instrument
      • Won’t damage your Guitar but will polish your frets
      • Can be put in a guitar case, wallet or pocket
      • Includes a polishing cloth to keep the rest of your instrument in top condition

      If for some bizarre reason you don't get along with your Swipe, feel free to return it within 30 days of recipt and we'll issue you a refund!

    Colour: Burgundy
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